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The Way We Were

March 6, 2011

I enjoy reading popular magazines from 40s and 50s: Life, Colliers,The Sat. Evening Post, American and so on. The articles, ads, photos and letters provide a unique perspective on the way we were. Women are cast in their stereotypical roles, few people of color appear, and cigarette brands were endorsed by doctors. The ad at right is a curious example. Psyche was White Rock’s (a mineral water) symbol for many years. In a time that was quite prudish compared to today, her diaphanous and revealing (nipples and all) “ensemble” would not make the pages of many of today’s magazines yet was perfectly acceptable “back in the day”.


This picture of boys playing, girls watching was all too common and underscores the “traditional” place forced on women and girls. Apparently, girls didn’t have active minds and bodies and didn’t need nourishing food.












Just in case you might be interested, here’s Collier’s“Pigskin Preview” for 1950:

'41 Plymouth

'40 Nash









'54 Aero Willys


'46 Mercury

Finally, lest we forget we still in the 21st century, here’s a particularly relevant image from Tom Hachtman’s 1984 book titled “Double Takes”. Hachtman was an illustrator for DC comics.



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  1. NRJ permalink
    March 14, 2011 5:34 am

    I see you insist on refreshing the memory of us old people! Fun stuff.

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