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October 31, 2010


More offerings from The Uncommon Citizen, who also seeks your offerings. Got something to say? A poem? Humor? Lemme have it and let’s see what happens. You should be able to click on “post a comment” to do so. If that doesn’t work, you can email me directly at and I’ll publish your offering. Meanwhile, here are some random thoughts from a wandering mind this week and some poems. Oh – and a couple of doodles; it’s how I spend my time at meetings. (Just kidding, boss!)

Searching, searching, searching. Surfing, surfing, surfing. If he’d been born a thousand years ago would his name have been Bennett Serf?… Writing, writing, writing. But never wronging, wronging, wronging?… What if Daphne du Maurier’s had written a story called “The Butterflies” instead of “The Birds”?… If you can’t do it, can you still call it the “Can-Can”?… If my freedom to swing my arm stops where your nose begins, move your nose… Searching, searching, searching. Lurching, lurching, lurching… What is the sound of three hands clapping? Would a rose really smell as sweet if it were called a stench?… Over the river and through the fog…Take attendance and at ten dance… The hose owes much to the emptiness that fills it… Over and out, under and in, this is where  I think I’ll begin .


Poor dude, kids rude, someone booed;
   Feeling crude, coming unglued, sit and brood;
      Been hoodooed, outlook skewed, bad mood.

           I’m screwed.




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